Additional Coverage Options

Your employer, Medicare or school may not think your eyes, teeth, ears or pets are important but we know that just isn’t true! Having coverage for ALL aspects of your life is critical. Medical coverage just isn’t enough and we are proud to partner with a variety of carriers to ensure you are covered from head-to-toe, and snout-to-tail for your furry loved ones.
Your dental, hearing and vision are all vital aspects to your overall health, ensuring you have adequate coverage will give you the opportunity to stay healthy and live a happier life. Medicare does not cover any of these under normal circumstances! Having in place supplemental coverage for your vision and oral health with help you stay healthy. We also offer international medical coverage, most plans’ coverage stop at the boarder. When your traveling abroad, it is important to be covered!
At Total Lifetime Care, we know that fur babies are people too! We know that without that tail waiting for you at the door every night, you’d be lost! We would too! Pets are family members too and making sure they have adequate coverage is important for their health, and will keep them happy and right by your side. We are proud to offer pet insurance coverage to make sure your furry family members stay happy and healthy.

Our Additional Insurance Coverage Offerings




Pet Insurance

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