Broker Opportunities

How Much Is Your Existing Upline Costing You?

Are your GA/MGA, LMO/FMO or Direct Representative’s working with you to grow your business or are they working on you – making you try to improve their marketing and sales tactics of yesteryear in order to grow their bottom line? What are they doing different today to help you gain new / keep your existing business as compared to what they did for or offered to you five (5) years ago?
Are you being sold on clichéd sales techniques, bad television commercials, mailers from the 1980’s or dead, worked leads from 2nd tier carriers? Have they truly taken the time to learn what you need to strengthen existing opportunities, assisting you to develop a unique, individually tailored marketing campaign specifically for your agency’s vision of tomorrow?

Why are you giving them your business?

Our success is dependent on your success, so if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed!

Discover all the benefits that we offer to our brokers/agencies.

Discover all the opportunities that we offer to our brokers/agencies. 

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