Advance Your Career

As a proud affiliate of TLC Insurance Group, we structured our company with you in mind. After experiencing both, independent and captive agent experiences, we created an agency that offers the benefits of both experiences. We work for you to have the freedom of independent agency while receiving the support allegedly offered by a “captive” agency.
We stress that you can and will have the legal maximum commissions with all of the support you are told you are paying for with other MGA’s, FMO’s and LMO’s.
As a Total Lifetime Care Agent / Agency, not only do you benefit from our discounted rates on exclusive lead programs, our knowledge / experience in assisting you to attain group retiree deals and free carrier leads. You are also eligible to participate in our exclusive training programs to develop your own unique, proven marketing strategies with FREE, regularly scheduled local and internet based training sessions. With access to vast amounts of this population, we encourage our agents to utilize multiple streams for lead opportunities.

Our Promise

A company is only as good as the promises it keeps. These are our promises to you:
  • We promise to make the process less stressful and more productive with true professional, trained agents who act with the highest ethical standards and values
  • We promise to have a friendly and uncomplicated discussion so you can understand how, why and when to make the decision to work with us. We completely understand how crucial any decision about your upline is for any agency/broker
  • We promise to support, inform and assist our brokers and agencies with the most accurate information, training and support
  • We promise to represent the best interests of you first and foremost, in all matters.

Most importantly, we strive to do the right thing at ALL TIMES!!

Discover how you can advance your career and achieve your full potential! Find out what it is like working with us.